Invoice Processing

  • Robotic Invoice

    Our automated invoice recognition software along with hi-tech ECM-based invoice approval workflow for the fast and accurate processing of purchase invoices.DevSoft UK have a powerful Invoice processing software which offer an automated invoice capture service.
  • Data Transform

    BY using our Software, we efficiently capture invoices/accounts payables (paper or electronic format) translate each invoice, classify the required information and finally enter the data into your system.
  • Instant Conversions

    DocView Capture accept invoice in many different channel like email, Scan, XML, PDF etc. Our DocView capture invoice processing solution achieve maximum accuracy within a short turnaround.
  • Intelligent Software

    With the help of DocView Capture software you can identify and extract key fields from your invoices. It’s a clever, intelligent software and learns how to handle invoice types, based on its previous experience with similar images.
  • Invoice Information

    We can extract as much, or as little information you require e.g. invoice number, invoice date, supplier name and amount...
  • Unique Features

    The data is then exported to a chosen digital format for you to access or it can go to our DocView web portal where you can access your document with allocated authority. With the advent of OCR techniques, much time was saved by automatically extracting the text out of a digital image of any invoice or a document.
  • Documents Organization

    Documents arriving at your organization via mail, email, web services, or fax are captured, registered, and processed in a standardized workflow.
  • Classify Of Invoices

    Our software can classify invoices by type and urgency, by recognising the keywords appearing within the document.
  • Invocies Checking

    After classification, the digitally scanned and processed invoices are manually checked by our trained team.
  • Fully Automation

    This is where most organisations that use OCR for any form of automation are currently.