Cloud-based document repository that’s ideal for all size businesses to store document online
and securely access from anywhere.

 DocView ECM

  • Document Repository

    Cloud based Document Repository for multiple Group Documents, new Website setup in 2 hours.
  • Significant Clarify

    Powerfull seach filter to find your document asap using any Index field data.
  • Annual Payment

    No upfront setup cost, monthly subscription only.
  • Profitable clarification

    Most cost effective solution for Online Document Storage.
  • Document Hosting

    Azure, AWS or any cloud hosting compatible.
  • Flexible Options

    TIFF, PDF, Email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Support.
  • Agreeable

    Single Sign ON + Two Way Authentication Compatible.
  • Idiom Base

    Multiple Language Support.
  • Document History

    Custom Branding and Audit History.
  • Document Responsive

    Responsive to Any Device.
  • Automated support

    Support Digital E-Signature.

Customised Dashbaord and Reports

Customised Dashbaord and Reports

  • In Dashboard you can able to see how many documents are processed and being processed and also documents to be processed and the exception documents also.

  • You can see the summary of your loaded documents and the storage size of the document.



  • Electronic signatures, are a legal way to digitally secure approvals on a document, contract or set of documents.

  • Electronic signatures can replace your handwritten signature to speed up virtually any paper-driven, manual signature processes.

How to send e-signature

  • First, You have to add the email address of the sender which you want to send the document for the signature. and then you can add CC(carbon copy) your self for getting the notification if user signed the document.
  • and Add a subject for the Email with Body so He/She can understand the meanning of the email then select "Default" from the select document list and send the email.

Document Types & Setup

Document Types & Setup

  • User can see all the created application for each different use.

  • User can see uploaded document in a specific application.



  • It saves user time and it helps the user to quickly check the missing due information.

  • It will show the dues to user in the same screen as per the screenshot. so user do not need to go and find the due document.

Quality Control

Manage Users

  • Module allow user to perform manage group.

  • User can perform following operation
  • Create New Users

    Update Users

    Delete Users

Upload To DocView

Upload To DocView

  • User can upload the document in the different application.
  • User can scan the document for the upload.
  • User can fill the information while uploading the document.