Document Workflow

DocView Capture Solution is for business who need their information secure ,usable, compliant and accessible from any device, anywhere and any time.

It provides you with a centralised cloud-based repository accessible anywhere, from any device, ensuring you have access to data when needed in a secure manner.

A controlled workflow ensures that work is not duplicated, key information is always up to date and in line with compliance requirements.

also help to keep critical business information securely archived and accessible.

Our software provides the unfractured to do this in an effective manner.

Our DocView Web solution provide a functionality of who sees which documents and when. assign documents to particular groups, departments or organisational areas to ensure they can refer to key documentation when they need to and have clear guidance for what is required from them.

DocView also can setup as a customize categorisation which means provide you folder and document categories for a well organised system that's easy to navigate and user friendly.

With our solution you have a complete control of your document cycle from upload to archive.

DocView Capture is the very powerful solution start with intelligent indexing, a machine learning system that understands and extracts data from any invoices. and all these dates are instantly searchable.

All data are stored within a secure, accessible repository, well organized based on Web solution which can access anytime, anywhere and from any device. With help of our solution gives you more control from start to finish.

It cuts down the time, effort and cost of document collaboration, so you can focus on quality.