Digital Mailroom

DocView Capture and Web provide a digital mail room functionality is one of the most flexible, easy to use content management platform on the market today or integrating with other content management solution and documents.

We automate mailroom workflow delivering fundamental information where it needs to go quickly which helps to transform slow handling procedure in to smart automatic business process.

The benefit of our digital mailroom solutions are obvious, greater productivity, lower costs and batter access to critical information.

Our solution helps to speedup processing of all forms of incoming business documents. also improve decision-making with up to date and accurate information.

TIFF, PDF, Email, Word, Excel and PowerPoint Support.

With the help of our solution document can be searched automatically, accessed by authorized members of the team, easily shared with customers and partners or using DocView Web process for automation techniques.

Ones it's digitized, it can be used as a single source of data, no matter who is accessing it from where and what purpose.